Flint Hills International

Flint Hills International, LLC – or FHI – specializes in sourcing and distributing bulk quantities of high demand consumer goods on a global basis.

FHI employs a unique ‘customer focused’ sales approach to satisfying a wide range of sourcing requirements. Quite simply, FHI is the premiere trading partner in this segments in which we operate. We accomplish this through complete transparency combined with the highest level of integrity and customer service. Our trading process is rooted in providing assurances that elevate your level of confidence: first quality merchandise, independent third party verification (available), and a constant line of communication are just some of the features of our business model.

Flint Hills International’s management team understands the pitfalls of domestic and international trade. The first step is to look at how to provide the safest sales environment for the end buyer. FHI knows that when the buyer has a safe and secure environment to complete the trade, it elevates the confidence of the end buyer. Then, FHI moves to the acquisition process; not all manufacturers and/or manufacturer’s reps will meet the rigid requirements of FHI.

In some instances, FHI will even work with various parties (and occasionally ‘brokers’) to provide financing to capitalize on trade opportunities that might, otherwise fall thru the cracks. When this happens, FHI becomes a partner in the trade by providing finance solutions AND adhering to a trade structure that fulfills its primary mission of protecting all sides of the transaction.

Our team will work with you to ascertain your needs to cultivate an on-going relationship. By hyper-focusing on the intimate aspects of pricing, delivery, and the transaction itself, FHI is building successful ongoing relationships with buyers and sellers on a global scale.

One of the major hurdles in this niche segment lies in capitalization. In today’s economic environment, traditional means of financing are not always readily available. The nature of FHI’s strong cash position places it in a unique position to facilitate the trading of these types of products. We bring value to all sides of a transaction, which allows us to successfully work directly with buyers, as well as, addressing the needs of the broker relationship.

Contact our trading department today, and we’ll go to work for you tomorrow!